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Small Barn Light Gooseneck Mount | The Westchester Gooseneck Standard Warehouse Steel Dome | Modern Farmhouse Barn Lighting Made in America (16" Gooseneck, Matte Black)

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  • Customization: Manufacturing locally has the added benefit of being able to customize.
  • Steel Construction: Spun using 18 gauge American steel to create a strong fixture that is able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Porcelain #30 Medium Base Socket: Assembled with (6ft) of 18 Gauge Solid Wire Leads (black, white & green) and a threaded die-cast base. The socket is held in place with a matching threaded covernut. The Covernut is tightened counter clockwise.
  • Weather Resistant Finishing: Steel Lighting fixtures are all rated for Outdoor use and are finished to withstand heavy wind and rusting. If powder coated, the interior of the fixture is white while the exterior is your color of choice. If galvanized please note that the finish is by nature inconsistent from one product to the next.
  • Product Diameter is 12" | Dome Height is 8" | Gooseneck Length 16" or 23" | 150 Watt Maximum