Kind Soil Hot Soil Product™

Kind Soil Hot Soil Product single 5 lb. Bag

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  • ITS TIME TO STOP TRYING AND START GROWING! From the day you plant your clones/seeds until the day you harvest you will never need to add a single nutrient! (you must stay within our recommended veg times for the weight of kind soil used)
  • Our System is completely organic & provides every single nutrient need your medical/vegetable plant will ever require. You will need a properly designed grow environment and proper PH range/de-chlorinated water. We recommend using a water with a PH that is naturally 6.3-7.0 that is the best choice.
  • If your water source has a PH outside of that range, you can adjust your water PH. YOU MUST USE earth juice: citric acid (down) or potassium bicarbonate (up) to adjust your water PH. If you need to adjust your water source PH just get it into the 6.5-7.0 range there is no need to go lower than 6.5.
  • Grow better tasting, smelling and more flavorful flowers with simplicity!
  • Kind soil will bring out flavor, smells and quality you never knew your plants had! visit for more information and our Q&A section.