KIASET Mechanical Keyless Door Lock Double Sided Keypad Push Button Combination Lock with Lever Handle, Satin Chrome LK420DS

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  • PLEASE NOTE: This lock is NOT wide enough to cover the standard sized single bore hole (2-1/8"). Need to make a patch to cover the bore hole.
  • REVERSIBLE LEVER works on both right handed and left handed doors. For wooden door or metal door thickness within 1-3/8 inch to 2-3/8 inch. Latch features a FIXED backset to fit 2-3/8 inch.
  • EASY TO RESET CODE: the biggest advantage of this KIASET lock is easy to re-code, you don't even have to unscrew the backplate. You can personalize your combo between one digit to ten digits (no repeat), and these numbers an be entered in any order. Recommend four digits at least.
  • SECURITY AND CONVENIENCE: The code combination is required to lock and to unlock from both sides. It automatically locks when you shut the door. Making it easier for you to get inside your house safely and quickly every time.
  • NO RISK OF BEING LOCKED OUT: non-electronic parts. You don't need to worry about batteries die or the power failure.