Home-X Fruit Picker Harvester Basket with Cushion to Prevent Bruising (Pole not Included)

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  • EASY PICKIN'S - Easily reach and harvest luscious fresh fruit! This incredible fruit picking tool is specially designed with finger-like prongs to reach gently over fruit to pull apples, peaches, and more clean off the branch.
  • GENTLE PROTECTION - A deep vinyl coated basket with foam cushion catches and protects the fruit at it falls so the delicate meat and skin won't be bruised.
  • POLE CLAMP INCLUDED- Fruit picker basket attaches easily and securely onto most any pole using the included adjustable clamp.
  • DETAILS - Vinyl coated wire basket. Basket measures about 13.50"H x 6"W. Cushion is 5.5" diameter x 7/8"H. (does not include pole)
  • Home-X is a registered trademark of Simply Home Solutions.