Heavy Duty Snow Pusher Rubber 1-1/2" thick x 10" wide x 10 ft. Long punched Standard Highway Slots. Snow Plow Rubber

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  • 1-1/2" thick x 10" wide x 10 ft. long solid rubber 2200 tensile
  • ong Lasting: Our rubber snowplow edges are made of a tough, resilient rubber compound that shows very little wear after many hours of use. They can outlast steel edges many times. No Gouging: Rubber edges easily adjust to irregular road surfaces & pavement markers-without gouging. Rubber edges save you costly repairs to submerged lighting and surfaces such as cobblestone and brick.
  • Fast, Clean, Quiet Snow Removal: Our edges have a “squeegee action” to clean faster, better & much quieter than steel cutting edges.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Since our rubber snowplow edges need fewer replacements than steel edges, fewer man-hours & less down time means lower costs. Rubber edges also absorb damaging shock that would be transmitted to the plow, truck, and driver with a steel edge.
  • Less Damaging: Rubber cutting edges are less likely to rip out or damage submerged lighting. Less likely to damage road surfaces like concrete, asphalt, brick, and cobblestone.