Dolmar PS510 Chain saw 50cc 18" Bar 3/8" pitch

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This Dolmar chain saw comes with the big 3/8th pitch 18 inch bar and chain. This saw is a whopping 50 cc's and has a metal crankcase and handlebar which puts it in the professional grade class of saws. The regular price is 419.00 and we are blowing them out at 389.00 with free shipping and bar and chain included.This is a savings of 50.00 plus FREE SHIPPING TO SAVE EVEN MORE! I HAVE THE LOWEST PRICE IN THE USA! This saw is 3.0 ci.-50 cc.-13,500 rpm-3.2 hp. with a 12.1 lb. power head. This saw is all new, completely redesigned, advanced technology and exemplary performance from a perfect design. Some of its many great features are tool-less air cleaner and an external sprocket rim with easy to use side chain tensioner. It also features super light power to weight ratio with anti-vibration mounts second to none!