AHI Wholesale Program

With our AHI Wholesale Program, you can purchase products at 50% off the retail price and sell them online or in your place of business. Here are the features of the AHI Wholesale Program:


Products purchased must be in quantities of 20 to receive the 50% discount.

There is a $500 order minimum to receive the AHI Wholesale Discount.

Both Retail and Wholesale items can be purchased at the same time in one order.

Items from your orders can be drop shipped.

FREE Shipping on all orders over $500.00 (after 50% discount is applied).


How the wholesale program works:

Let us know that you'd like to take part in the AHI Wholesale Program, and we will get your account set up. Once your account is set up, you will be able to view wholesale items when you log into your account. (you can use the same login for your retail and wholesale purchases).

You will receive a personalized coupon code that will give you the ability to get 50% off all of the items in the Wholesale category. This coupon code will show the discount in your shopping cart and will not work on items that are added from categories other than Wholesale. You can purchase both Wholesale and Retail items in the same order, but you will receive a discount only for the Wholesale items.

Products purchased must be in quantities of 20 to receive the 50% Wholesale discount. These products must be of the same type but can be mixed and matched in scents. We have created items that help to make this easy to do.

To sign up for the AHI Wholesale Program, please contact us at supply@advanced-home-improvements.com.